Tash first discovered a love of photography as a teenager when she realised it is a great artistic medium for someone with very poor drawing ability! Her Dad's old battered Pentax saw her through sixth-form and a degree in MediaLab Arts at Plymouth University where film turned into digital. Here Tash spent less time in the dark room and more time on the computer where she got the nickname of the 'Photoshop Queen'.

Tash gets the biggest buzz out of photographing people and loves capturing those special moments and genuine unabashed emotions that happen when people are unaware of the camera - the delight of a bride when she first gets a glimpse of herself in her dress, a shared joke amongst old friends or embarrassed realisation on the groom's face when he becomes aware of the story the best man is just about to tell!

Tash set up the The Little Photo Company with Steve in 2004.

Tash's portfolio