Are you planning a vintage or retro wedding?

We've got loads of experience of photographing alternative, quirky weddings and we absolutely love the opportunity to photograph something just that little bit different.

To date we've captured wartime themed weddings, festival weddings, humanist ceremonies in leafy glades, hand-fastening ceremonies in stone circles - with druids - and lots of beautiful, romantic country fair style celebrations bursting with bunting and bunches of meadow flowers!

We're more than happy to dress in keeping with your wedding theme, in fact we'd be made up. We can arrange to photograph with period equipment, yes real film (!) for part of your day and we can process a proportion of your photos in a vintage, retro style.

And we do all of this with the same creativity, unobtrusiveness, care, enthusiasm, fun and smiles that we bring to all our jobs. If you're planning something that little bit different, or quirky, or alternative please get in touch. We're always flexible, always up for new challenges and will always go that extra mile :)