Frequently AskedQuestions

Here's some answers to questions that you may have...
Are you willing to travel / what are your travel costs?
We are happy to travel both nationally and internationally to your wedding. For travel in the mainland UK we charge £20 per hour travelled, calculated from our studio in Chippenham, Wiltshire. For local weddings (under 1 hour travel) we're happy to waive any travel costs. For international weddings we can quote individually as this can be affected by airfares, number of photographers required, etc.

How do you select which images to include in the package?
Typically we shoot approximately 8 times the number of images we include in the package. For example, when photographing for a standard package of 200 images we would shoot approx 1600 images during the day. This may sound like a lot, however often many of the images are very similar (for example, when photographing formal poses we take numerous photos of the same pose so we can eliminate images where guests may be blinking.) A large pool of images also allows us to select the really great images that really capture the moment and tell a story, cover a good range of guests whilst concentrating on the key people (especially the couple!), and ensure a good spread of images throughout the day.

What is the booking process?
To secure a booking we require a £250 deposit. When this is received we are able to firmly book it into the diary and not accept any further enquiries for that date. Our prices do increase each year, however we will hold the price quoted at the time of booking. For example, if we take a booking for a 2010 wedding during 2009, we hold the 2009 package prices.

Can we make copies of the photographs for friends and family?
Yes, all of our packages include a DVD of the supplied images as high resolution JPEG files. All of these images are post processed/hand touched and are ready for printing. We include the rights of the images we supply for you to reproduce and publish as you would like without any additional charges.

What equipment do you use, and what would happen if a camera were to break?
All our wedding photography is shot using professional Nikon digital SLRs. High end digital SLR cameras offer us the image quality of 35mm film with the advantage of being able to review work and back up images throughout the day. We have multiple camera bodies, lenses and flashguns in the unlikely event that any equipment is damaged.

What is 'post-processing' and what does it involve?
After the wedding we will spend time in the studio working on the images that are included in the package. We call this stage 'post pro' and it typically involves some or all of the following steps: cropping images for better composition, correcting colour temperature variations caused by artificial light, processing some images in black and white, hand-touching/removing unwanted elements in an image, 'dodging' and 'burning' where areas of an image are selectively lightened or darkened. Post pro on images is as time-consuming as it is rewarding, and is the main reason we charge higher rates for packages that include more images.

How long will it take for us to see our images?
Generally within 4 weeks we are able to upload a gallery of the images to our website for viewing and selecting prints/albums from. This period may be slightly longer in peak summer months, or slightly shorter during the winter months. If you do have a special requirement to receive your images quickly, do please let us know so that we can arrange this.